Dinaledi builds leadership capacity in education

Welcome to Dinaledi, an organization dedicated to igniting a movement of transformation in education.

As the premium provider of educational leadership coaching for under-performing schools, we aim to create a sustainable, scalable, and impactful model that delivers measurable results and transforms the education system in previously disadvantaged communities.

At Dinaledi, we believe in the generosity of civil society to make a difference. We also believe in the power of transformational conversations and the potential of young people to become South Africa’s future stars.

We are the premium service provider that mobilizes educational leaders to effect deep change through coaching. Our coaching and support services are based on collaborative problem-solving, data-driven decision-making and best practices.

Dinaledi delivers tailored coaching programs that meet the unique needs of each school and its leaders. We invest in research, data analytics, and continuous improvement to ensure that our coaching is effective, relevant, and continuously improving. We also provide high-quality coaching services supported by donor funding that makes our services accessible to schools with limited resources. We specialize in coaching educational leaders within under-performing schools, which enables us to deepen our expertise, develop best practices, and build a strong reputation as the go-to organization for increasing the capacity of educational leaders.

Our long-term strategic objectives include stewardship of resources, client support, internal processes, learning and growth, and social impact. We responsibly manage the funds and resources provided by our donors, partners, and sponsors. We provide exceptional coaching services to educational leaders within under-performing schools and have developed close relationships with educators by listening to their needs and tailoring our services to meet those needs. We have streamlined operational and coaching processes that are highly efficient and effective. We have developed a highly skilled and diverse team of coaches who are committed to our mission and values. Finally, we measure our impact through academic outcomes, grade pass rates, and other key metrics that demonstrate the effectiveness of our coaching programs.

Thank you for considering Dinaledi. We are committed to creating a better future for our students, and we look forward to partnering with you to achieve this goal.