Transforming Lives,
One School at a Time


Instead of focusing on just statistics, Dinaledi measures its success by the positive impact on educators and learners’ lives across South Africa.

Our programmes have empowered over 40 underperforming schools in urban, peri-urban, and rural areas, driving significant improvements in academic achievement, leadership skills, and overall school culture.

The results speak for themselves:

Improvement in principal competency measures within the first year

Increase in matriculation pass rates within two years post-intervention

Increase in parental engagement across programme schools

But numbers alone cannot capture the depth of transformation we have witnessed. Through our work, we have seen principals and other school leaders rediscover their purpose, educators reignite their passion for teaching, and learners flourish in nurturing environments conducive to growth.

The analysis of external evaluations, our internal monitoring, and feedback from educational leaders are unanimous – this coaching approach is key to turning failing schools around.

Our impact extends beyond individual institutions, shaping a ripple effect that reverberates through communities. As we build local leadership pipelines and embed coaching skills within schools, we anchor sustainable transformation, ensuring that the positive changes we catalyse endure long after our work is done.