Meet Our Teams

Dinaledi team members are all united in a vision to ignite a movement of transformation in education, where every student has access to a high-quality education and the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The board members of Dinaledi are passionate about strengthening educators’ leadership skills and re-igniting their passion to inspire vulnerable learners to flourish. They have a deep commitment to transforming the education system in previously disadvantaged communities, and they are the driving force behind Dinaledi’s mission to deliver measurable results and create long-lasting change.

Operational personnel at Dinaledi are some of the best in the field, and they are dedicated to providing exceptional coaching services to educational leaders within under-performing schools. They are highly skilled in collaborative problem-solving, data-driven decision-making and best practices, which are the foundations of Dinaledi’s coaching and support services. They have a deep belief in the generosity of civil society to make a difference, the power of transformational conversations, and the potential of young people to become SA’s future stars.

The coaches at Dinaledi are highly skilled and diverse, and they are committed to Dinaledi’s mission and values. They specialize in coaching educational leaders within under-performing schools, which enables them to deepen their expertise, develop best practices, and build a strong reputation as the go-to organization for increasing the capacity of educational leaders. They provide tailored coaching programs that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each school and its leaders. They are highly committed to continuous improvement and invest in ongoing training to ensure that their coaching is effective, relevant, and continuously improving.

By building a highly skilled and diverse team of coaches, the Dinaledi team offers exceptional coaching services to educational leaders in underperforming schools. The team is also dedicated to developing a sustainable and scalable model that can be replicated in other communities, enhancing educational opportunities for all.

The Dinaledi team  are driven by a deep belief in the potential of young people to become SA’s future stars, and their dedication and commitment to Dinaledi’s mission and values are truly inspiring.

The Dinaledi Board

CHAIRMAN – Prof John Volmink

Prof John Volmink served as the Chairman of SA’s quality assurance body, Umalusi, for for two consecutive four-year terms and is one of South Africa’s most eminent educationists.



CEO:   Geoff Jacobs
Non-Executive Director:  Lydia Herman
Non-Executive Director:  Elona Hlatshwayo
Director:  Monita O'Ryan
Non-Executive Director:  Sazi Ndwandwa
Director:  Jeremy Clampett
Director:  Kevin Mathew

The Dinaledi Coaching Team

Our programmes are delivered by a team of highly experienced coaches and facilitators, who are deeply passionate about the work they do, and particularly invested in transforming society by positively impacting on the Educational system and its full value chain.

William Swartbooi
Theo Jansen
Pam O'Brien
Richard Forbes
Kevin Mathew
Monita O'Ryan
Jeremy Clampett
Geoff Jacobs
Gromick Ndlovu
Elona Hlatshwayo
Jeremy Clampett
Dave Ramsay
Charne Groenmeyer
Sazi Ndwandwa